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We seek good approaches to get good results, along with putting in high standards at all levels of the business process.

Who We Are

Blockchain Firm is a leading enterprise blockchain development and research company headquartered in India with branch offices in 3+ countries.

The foundation of Blockchain Firm dates back to 2017. Our journey began to bring transparency and security to business processes using the power of blockchain technology. It resulted from an interest shared by the founders of Blockchain Firm, who were early adopters of this technology. What began as a small startup is now functioning as a multi-national corporation as more like-minded and interested individuals joined in.

"We believe that it takes great people to deliver a great product!"

The team, which was initially a group of 4, grew to 150+ in a short span as more blockchain enthusiasts continued to be a part of Blockchain Firm. Moreover, we partnered with diverse technology partners and industry experts to support us in the race.

We understand your business processes like no other and help transform your ideas into reality with innovation and creativity. Our ultimate goal is to enhance business efficiency and scale business operations using blockchain technology all over the world.

What we virtuously believe is that “instead of making clients, it's better for businesses to make partners who have mutually benefiting vision and strive towards a common goal.”


professionals worldwide


projects delivered & working


cities with physical offices globally


native language speaking teams


years of industry expertise

Our Special Deliveries

Blockchain-powered Digital Banking Platform

We have developed a digital banking solution that works purely on blockchain technology. It bridges the gap between customers and banks/financial institutions with hassle-free services, customer-centric approaches, and enhanced transparency & security.

AI Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Bringing together the power of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, we have built a comprehensive crypto trading platform with diverse customization options like bots & bot marketplace, arbitrage trading, signal prediction, and more crypto tools.

Crypto Signal Prediction Tool

To strengthen our footprint in the crypto industry, we have developed a unique, algorithm-based signal prediction tool. The ultimate goal of this tool is to assist traders in analyzing the crypto market movements and come up with profitable results.

A Safer Mobile Companion

We have created a highly-responsive mobile application to put an end to crime and harassment against women. It is a voice-operated mobile app for Android & iOS devices which can be activated just by shouting predefined code words in case of emergencies.

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