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Secure files and folders using our approved and popular blockchain document management system.

What is An Electronic Signature Platform?

An E-Signature is the digitalised way of signing a document. It is more safe, economical and less time consuming. This will fasten up the process of finalising an agreement as it will enable parties spread across varied demographics to connect with each other instantly.

A Digital signature platform will remove the dependency on paper and will contribute to the ecosystem. This will let you transform the way people sign on the dotted lines.

Why choose our Electronic Signature Platform


Our Platform will provide a medium that will let people to digitally sign a document.

  • This is mechanized by blockchain technology and high end encryption.
  • Our product allows to create any data that is easily verifiable and immutable.
  • You can also generate proof of authenticity and Integrity.
  • The infrastructure is completely under your control and you can use it in a plug in format or any other format of your choice.
  • The signatures cannot be forged and will be accessible to only those in the blockchain network.
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Road Map of our Electronic Signature Platform

Use our extensive platform for an optimum use of the blockchain technology.

Sign any document

Just upload your document and include your signature stamp and you’re set to go!

Robot verification

The signature is given to a robot that changes it into a string of letters and numbers.

Engraving on the blockchain

The string of letters and numbers are then written onto the blockchain and can be used at anytime.

Verifying authenticity

Uploading any signed document will be verified by the robot. Our system is secure.

Visit other ethereum sites

The metamask acts like a normal digital wallet but, allows you to visit other ethereum enabled sites.

Features of our Electronic Signature Platform

Stay carefree with our assortment of interesting features.

Use any digital object

Use any digital object

With the blockchain, we support any office docs, autocad drawings, pictures and more.

Independent verification

Independent verification

There are no doubts when the signature lives on the blockchain. You do not need proof for anything since it’s extremely trustworthy.

Parallel signing

Parallel signing

Speed up the process by signing great number of documents at one go.

Add Extra information

Add Extra information

Our software allows you to add additional information to the transactions or documents.

Universal Connectivity

Universal Connectivity

Anyone around the globe with access to the blockchain network which has the document can easily sign it.

Easy Document Management

Easy Document Management

The documents stored can be traced without any hassle.

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No. You can request as many signatures as necessary. However, the docs will not be processed until all the parties sign.

We do not entertain changing signatures. You can change as many as possible before uploading it and the robot converts it to strings.

Only if you request their signatures can people view the documents.

No. It’s not possible to edit the docs after it has been signed.

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