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Blockchain For Voting

Casting their votes is the key responsibility of every citizen. Despite higher security systems and awareness campaigns, elections are prone to malicious acts. Issues such as infiltrated machines, alteration in voter databases, and misleading campaigns are the primary concerns across the globe. Identifying defects and loopholes in election hardware and processes is essential to preventing attacks in the future. Election cybersecurity specifically focuses on voting machines hacks. Vulnerable systems are only a part of a complex, interconnected networks with multiple entry points for hackers to exploit. Blockchain could be the key to eliminate information warfare; protect electronic voter registration databases, voting machinery, & tabulation systems, election reporting systems, and post-election audits.

At Blockchain Firm, we leverage the unique functionalities of blockchain technology to craft the next-gen voting systems for governments and organizations. Blockchain enhances the electoral process with a mixture of accuracy, reliability, transparency, security, and immutability. The technology’s applications are virtually infinite, where security is paramount. We pave the way for communities, public, and private institutions to eradicate fraud & corruption activities, reduce costs and provide voters a modern, convenient, and hassle-free blockchain voting system.

Applications Of Blockchain In Voting

Cryptographic Verification
Cryptographic Verification

Cryptographic principles and implementations that strengthen the blockchain technology can also provide assistance in ensuring that the digital content comes from a secure, trusted and accountable source.

Decentralized Mobile Apps
Decentralized Mobile Apps

Research analysts and skeptics see that any kind of voting over the internet is insecure. Dapps developed for voting adds higher levels of security to the system, thus promoting accuracy and transparency.

igital Identity & Blockchain Voting
Digital Identity & Blockchain Voting

Blockchain technology aids decentralize the management of voter identities. The government organized election can design a consortium which authenticates identity and determines who and all can vote.

Post-Election Audits
Post-Election Audits

Blockchain promotes public access. Each voter can audit every single ballot to verify their own votes and make sure there is authenticity in the accuracy of votes, without opening up the identity of each voter3

Benefits Of Blockchain In Voting

Blockchain Development Services
  • Tamper-Proof

    No party can hack the ballot boxes or alter the results. Once the votes are entered in a blockchain network, they become immutable.
  • Transparent System

    Blockchain promotes transparency and hence the entire voting system is one-hundred percent transparent and publicly verifiable.
  • Privacy

    Both the identity of a voter and the party to which he/she has cast vote are protected in a blockchain voting platform.
  • Accessible & Affordable

    Blockchain provides a modern and convenient way and the digitization of documents & manual processes reduces election costs.
  • Tension-free Voting

    No parties or individuals can involve in any violent acts since the voting can be cast either through the voter’s mobile device or digitally.

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