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We are affirmative when it comes to secure wallet development and we provide unique solutions for the same.

Why Choose Whitelabel Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet from us?

As the number of cryptocurrencies are increasing on a daily basis, it’s always better to stick on to a safe place. A Multicurrency Wallet is a software that lets people to store all their cryptocurrencies in a single place. They work on the Blockchain network and every transaction is stored in it.

It is highly secured and the identity of the coin holder is protected. The ownership of a coin is dictated by that of the wallet that holds it. They also hold both the public and private keys that is essential to facilitate the transfer of a cryptocoin.

A guarded wallet development system

We at Blockchain Firm prioritise the interest and needs of our client over a list of other things.

  • Our Cryptocurrency Wallet development focuses on all 4 types of wallet which comprises web, mobile, desktop and hardware wallet.
  • The wallet will be developed in such a way to automatically decline duplicate payments
  • The value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates with every second, so we make it a point to keep them updated.
  • The algorithm of the Wallet will be designed in a way to store regularly used addresses.
  • Our Readymade Wallet solution incorporates 2 Factor authentication for an improved security
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Multicurrency Wallet Development Road Map

We build customized multi currency wallets for faster and cheaper transactions.

Decentralized wallet

The custom cryptocurrency wallet makes transactions safer and makes you stay ahead in the crypto race.

Mobile and web wallets

We simultaneously build web and mobile wallets to ease the process.

Customized crypto exchange platform

Our team creates scalable and customized exchange platform for faster and safer transactions.

Fast Cash Flow

Our wallet creation extends to super fast transactions.

Features of Multicurrency Wallet

Our top-notch features make the wallet system extremely reliable.

Secure login protocols

By implementing the 2FA (2 factor authentication), we make sure to keep your wallets as secure as possible.

Encryption to user keys

The users’ keys are very safe while using our wallets. This includes usability that negates the ultimate technical knowledge.

Cross Platform Wallets

The wallets we develop can be used across multiple mediums and devices.

Fast Transactions

The coding services that we implement allow for hassle free fast transactions.

Auto Conversion Rates

You can get to know the updated rates of Cryptocurrencies instantly.

QR Code Support

The coding services that we implement allow for hassle free fast transactions.

The Perfect Blockchain Firm For your Blockchain Solution

Take a step forward and have a peek at our mind-blowing solutions for your enterprise.


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These are virtual wallets on mobiles. Once you register with the service provider, you will be able to access them.

Yes. Our system already supports multiple cryptocurrencies. We will expand to more in the near future.

This is usually associated with Bitcoins. Sometimes before the funds could be released, the signatures of multiple people is required.

Please note - These are only for complicated transactions.

Our encrypted system does not allow for theft or breach, however, in case you wallet is lost it cannot be claimed. It’s always better to have a backup.

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