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Blockchain Developer

Blockchain has been stealing every tech geek’s attention lately. If you are one among them, you sure know what blockchain is. If you are trying to catch up then here is what it is!

The blockchain is essential, an enormous ledger of cryptocurrency transactions. It will squirrel away every minute detail such as who has which part of it, who owns what, who paid whom and much more for reference in the future. Precisely, it is a humongous book of records.

Now, diving a bit deeper into the topic, blockchain is decentralized and open to everyone. The cryptocurrency transactions are stored in blocks that contain the timestamps and transaction data. Very data undergoes a myriad of verifications that are done by the nodes interacting with each other. This is exactly what makes blockchain true-blue.

What has created a demand for blockchain developers like you?

Believe it or not, a myriad of startups are using this technique in numerous ways from music sharing, to global money transfers (Yeah! But in cryptos.) to tracking diamond sales.

To give you a head start on this, here is what YOU can do with blockchain.

  • Build applications using blockchain technology
  • Concentrate on developing the technology itself and what interacts with it. For instance, come up with a new blockchain based currency or a protocol.

So for this here are the overall skills that you need.

Essentially understand the principle it runs on – This is an obvious point that you are aware.

Make sure to educate yourself with Ethereum platform – Ethereum is the popular platform for ICOs. So you might need it in the future.

Familiarize with data structures – Being familiar with data structures like Queue, Tree, HashMaps is an added advantage.

Try a couple of things in Bitcoin’s source code – Once you learn and start contributing to it, you get credentials to work on any project

Gain good knowledge about distributed ledger protocols – This is the most required skill among the rest. Know this well!.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Keep watching this space for more.

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