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Blockchain Healthcare Application

Here is why you should own a blockchain-based health care application for your medical industry

We are all aware of the blockchain, its benefits, and also its history. If you are trying to catch up, then here is a glimpse of what you might have missed and should be aware of.

Also, once the glimpse is over, we will walk you through the humongous benefits it offers us in general, and the specific goodness of its applications in the medical industry.

Followed by that, this blog will tell you why you should too, opt-in for a blockchain based application if you are running a medical venture.

Now, here we go, unpacking one thing at a time.  Firstly, how did the whole theory of blockchain come to into existence?

Blockchain came to limelight when it was used as a platform to build and use Bitcoin. Later knowing the advantages, many other applications and cryptocurrencies are built. With this, the theory of blockchain became popularly known amongst the people, and it made a name for itself.

Before we step into the benefits that this beautiful technique offers us, let us first see what the prominent challenges that the medical industry faces.

  • When it comes to the medical industry, it has always been a challenge to maintain the patient details in one ledger under one authority.
  • Besides that, maintaining every detail in one physical hard disks or systems have no guarantee of privacy and are prone to thefts.
  • Identifying the right patient with the given name and other standard data is a tough task (even if it were within the same medical system).
  • Another serious proven issue with the medical system is that one in five patients is being wrongly identified, further causing life-threatening risks.
  • Considering drug dealing and handling matters, it becomes a tough challenge to know who handled how much and if the drugs reached the destination without any manipulation of its essence.

Now, what are the benefits of using the blockchain platform to run your medical profession or even to store your patients’ medical records? Read further to know more.

  • Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that works from write-once-read-only.
  • No information can be changed, re-written or worked upon once it has been enter in the ledger.
  • It is not physical storage. Hence we need not worry about privacy or data being stolen.
  • Also, carrying the paper files physically in-hand or storing them in hard disks is not always a proper thing to do.

What do you get if you develop a blockchain based healthcare application?

  • An easy solution to maintain all the records and data under one roof.
  • Assuming you own a small clinic with a meagre number of patients, you can still make the best use of blockchain based health care application to store your patients’ details, the drugs or medicines suggested to them, and much more.
  • Avoid storing physical files in your clinic or your drug-store just for the sake of keeping data intact.


Why do you still wait?

Gear up to launch your blockchain-based application for your medical profession.

Blockchain Healthcare Application 

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