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How to launch Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

A Quick Guide to Kick Start IEO


Great to get back the eyes of future minds in our blogs! You’re here today with a lot of queries on the mind like “What are the differences between IEO and ICO?” Or “How does IEO serve well than ICO?” etc.

Here you can find answers for all the queries related to IEO and ICO, benefits of IEO and steps to launch your IEO business!

Now without any time lags, let’s dive into the technicality of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)!

What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)?

Initial Exchange Offering is the upgraded version of ICO. ICO medium of fundraising lacked in too many perspectives like regulatory norms, security, trust between issuers and investors. But, the better medium of crowdfunding technique IEO emerged with the flawless legitimate approach.

How to Launch initial exchange offering - IEO

Now let’s get into the process of IEO!

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is the process of issuing tokens on behalf of firms by the renowned exchange platforms as a crowdfunding technique. The blockchain developers seek help from crypto exchange platforms to produce a better token for startups as per their regulatory norms. Crypto exchange platforms consider a set of legitimate rules and regulations in order to list the tokens in their IEO launch platform. Hence, it’s an easy breezy job for investors to purchase tokens from crypto exchanges.

Not only for the investors, but also for the token issuing firms, IEO paved the way to kick start their funds. As IEO occurs in crypto exchange platforms, the companies need not start their marketing right from day one.

Crypto exchange platforms acquire a large user base who are legitimate to invest in your companies IEO. So, IEO has made the effortless business for both issuers and investors with better security and trust.

IEO can be performed on the exchange platform only if issuer, as well as the investor, holds an account on the particular exchange platform. IEO is just a worry-free crowdfunding technique of decade!

Let’s glide through the benefits of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)!

Benefits of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

You can dive into the business of IEO without any hassle! No matter you’re a token issuer or investor!

  • Security
  • Regulatory Norms
  • Trusted experts on exchange platforms
  • No marketing costs for token issuers
  • Easy Processing

Hereby we can’t retard our business growth! Dig deep to launch your firm’s IEO on crypto exchange platforms!

Steps to launch your Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

  1. Kick-start
  2. Pre-requisites
  3. IEO Processing
  4. Outreach


Kick-starting your idea of launching IEO to seek funds for your company must fire up with a better market idea. At the start, you have to analyze the market needs and research your IEO project idea based on competitors.

You must be legitimate and follow the regulatory norms of crypto exchanges while developing IEOs so that it can be successfully brought up for a listing in exchanges. The better project idea than your competitors can encourage your investors to acquire your tokens in exchange platforms.

A strong expert’s team of blockchain tech can develop valuable tokens to raise funds for your company. Even though the blockchain professionals cost higher to develop IEOs, they deliver better tokens which can be undoubtedly listed on renowned exchange platforms. As the exchange platforms are strict to their regulatory norms, even at the time of token sale they can cancel the listing of IEO. One such instance is RAID project!!

If you are done with a better idea and team of expert hands, then you can start the development of IEOs and assure the exchange platforms with Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Many exchange platforms list the IEO only if we are ready with MVP or development is half-way done.

We can now move on to pre-requisites to launch IEO!


As soon as you complete the process of Kick-Start in IEO project, you must move down to pre-requisites to launch your IEO on exchange platforms. So, it’s your choice to choose the best exchange platform.
Many renowned exchange platforms out there in the crypto market have already conquered large investors to raise funds for your IEO. The most trusted crypto exchanges are Binance, Bittrex, OKEx, Kucoin, Huobi Prime, HitBTC, and much more.

Chose the appropriate exchange platform, so that you can get back the token value after listing! Beware! If you chose an inappropriate exchange platform with startup investors to sell highly valuable tokens, then you would face failures in IEO!

Pick the right trusted exchange platform and become the IEO issuer! As the exchange platform is decided, IEO token developers must research and discussion on developing the IEO tokens based on the norms in order to successfully get listed on the exchange platform.

After hand-picking the best exchange platform for your IEO tokens, you must provide the plans, execution, development, benefits and other details of your IEO project to your investors through “White Paper”!
A well structured white paper with high details and road map of IEO can pave way for trusted and targeted investors to make your business successful!

As the explain plans are ready in white papers, you must just bang on to execute them! Building a website of your firm with updates will increase the trust among future investors and it can be a better platform to showcase the expertise of your firm on the particular market!

Develop the IEO tokens with regulatory norms of exchange platforms with professionals and then get listed! Taking a long breath! 

Here’s the actual processing of IEO!!

IEO Processing

IEO tokens must be developed with proper plans of fundraising needs. You must not exceed in developing more IEO tokens than actually required to raise funds.

IEO token issuers must provide a clear picture of market fluctuations to their investors with responsibility! As like mutual funds are subject to market states!! 😛

Once the exchange platforms norms, regulations, security checks are completed, IEOs are listed on your trusted exchange platforms!

Do you think exchange platforms costs more for listing IEO as well as acquire a percentage of IEO when it is sold? Just think of running advertisement campaigns, acquiring investors, checking of the security, trust among investors and other checks! Doesn’t it cost much more!!

Yes! With the IEO crowdfunding technique, you can raise funds for your concern ahead of competitors easily. Now, let’s just relax with Outreach of our IEO tokens!


Marketing is the soul of every business! It may be a chocolate or crypto coin, if you reach the right audience who actually requires the product, then you would be blessed with the bliss of business!

In the same way, you can outreach your IEO tokens rather than exchange platforms to the targeted audience, investors through social media, blog posts, press releases, sharing thoughts on forums with likeminded investors who can invest on your projects IEO tokens!

You’re done with the successful launching of IEO for your firm to raise funds and grow as one of the leaders in your industry!

Does the whole process look hectic? Here’s a secret of making your launch of IEO ease!

Share your soul to raise funds for your firm!

IEO development can be a hectic process for a startup company to acquire blockchain professionals, chose the exchange platform, getting listed on exchanges or outreach their developed tokens.

But, a team of professionals from Blockchain Firm, can readily develop and take your business to the decades ahead with better IEO tokens!

Share your soul project ideas to our experts to conquer the IEO world as soon as possible! Denying retards your success! Please share your thoughts on the IEO technique to the expert team!


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Want to raise funds using IEO, Read our complete step by step guide to launch IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) successfully on Binance, LAtoken or P2PB2B LaunchPads.

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