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About Blockchain Extensions

Metamask acts a bridge between the future activities in your browser today. With metamask you no longer have to run the ethereum nodes completely. You can run dapps right in your browser. You can manage varied identities and sign blockchains very securely.

How it Works?

The working of the metamask might sound complicated, whereas it’s the most useful and safest method of using the blockchain.

Chrome into Ethereum

The metamask browser extension converts google chrome into Ethereum browser which allows the browsers to collect data from the blockchain directly.

Seed phrase

The seed phrase allows to restore all the accounts created within metamask.

More accounts

You can switch and toggle between accounts or add more accounts as and when necessary.

Encrypted account vault

The vault is encrypted and does not let information pass to other sites. It’s securely stored.

Visit other ethereum sites

The metamask acts like a normal digital wallet but, allows you to visit other ethereum enabled sites.


Metamask comes with extraordinary features to ease the process and use blockchains in never imagined ways.

Seed phrase

As mentioned earlier, the seed phrase is encrypted with a password to make the account safe for a single user.

Open source

Being open source allows the websites to be evaluated by developers.

Blocking mechanism

You will be able to block accounts or websites to prevent phishing.

Easy and efficient transactions

The metamask bridges the gap in the blockchain world and allows users to utilise a normal browser for ethereum.

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To start off the transaction you need to have money in the wallet. The process is simple after that.

Seed words are used to back up accounts and secure them. They have a unique password.

Wallet addresses are the identifications of your wallets. It directs assets to the wallets.

The first time needs verification, otherwise these act pretty fast and you might receive them in a short period.

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