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Nexswap is a peer-peer trading platform that is a wallet based trading system for crypto traders all around the world.

What is A P2P Exchange?

A Peer-to-Peer exchange solution will enable users can trade cryptocurrencies in a trustless environment. The P2P file sharing allows the peers to perform as the server, even for digital currency trading.

The users can buy a crypto coin of their choice and also list out the coins they would like to sell. The platform will facilitate the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

What choose Nexswap ?
Our P2P Exchange platform?

Nexswap is a software solution that aims to provide the crypto enthusiasts with a platform to sell and buy coins.

  • Nexswap is the next-gen software that’s intricately designed for a peer-to-peer trading system.
  • This Software conveniently eliminates the need for the middle men and makes the transaction just a two party affair.
  • We offer 24X7 support for our product and will be at your disposal at any point of the day.
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Road Map of Nexswap

We develop p2p exchange for quicker and faster transactions in an absolute safe environment.

Nodes from Trading

The nodes participating in the trade allows to remove third parties and brokers.

People Matching

Peer - peer exchange demands quite some work on the users. This system matches people instead of matching orders.

Buying and selling

The buyer clicks notifies by clicking on the link and the seller keeps checking for updates on the exchange platform.


Once the buyer and seller finalizes on the transaction, the timing for approval might take anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours.


The eminent features of our application delves into details to make it the best platform for trading activities.


Execute anonymous transactions and less or no KYC procedures. The platform is absolutely private and easy to handle.

Multiple Modes of Payment

Request, send, receive from multiple modes and different industry leaders like venmo, paypal and more.

Elimination of third parties

There is no involvement of middlemen and the transactions are easy to make. The registration procedures are simple yet very effective and less time consuming.

Swapping of crypto to crypto

Apply crypto to crypto swapping with margin trade in crypto coins. You can use different approaches to buying and selling.

Support for a wide range of coins

Nexswap supports more than 3000 coins and traders can choose the coin of their choice to sell or buy.

Escrow of transactions

Escrowing makes the sending and receiving of transactions very safe. This also allows the analyzation of market trends.

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The entire working of the exchange depends upon the software that controls it. There is no necessity for third party interference.

There are a number of ways to prevent this from happening. Our software allows both the parties to make a deposit before the initiation of the trade.

Nexswap avoids the need for a single point of entry and offers high resistance to transaction censorship. Even if a part of the network fails to respond, the exchange does not shut down.

Nexswap is built in a way that only the trading partners or arbitrators can see the transactions and these transactions are completely anonymous.

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