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Bring your next-gen ideas into the business after a testimonial with our POC development services!

Proof-of-Concept Development Services

Proof-of-concept can be anything that mimics the feasibility test of an entire project or business idea before diving into the development of a real-time application. Highly valuable projects can undergo POC development and then estimate the capital investment, timeline, tech stack, and other things required to implement the business in real-time. POC analysis can potentially avoid security threats, functionality bugs, and other real-time issues at the initial stages. POC development can be done with MVP, thesis, or prototype. Many businesses are approaching the POC development company to investigate the possibilities of ideology before diving into the real-time project!

Blockchain Firm is the leading crypto and blockchain-based company that builds proof-of-concept solutions for more than half a decade in the realm. Being a proficient blockchain POC development company, our team builds the POC products with desired technology and features. Let the world leverage your endeavoring business ideology!

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Our POC Development Services

Our team renders various products for POC development, depending on your requirements. Here are the common products that are served for the purpose of POC analysis by development companies!


We build the proof-of-concept for your ideology with a minimum viable product that operates with basic functionalities to figure out the feasibility and potential risks.


If your business is striving to upgrade the processes with next-gen tech solutions, you can analyze the proof-of-concept on scalability factors.


Highly valuable products involving industrial machines and workforce would be submitted as a compelling thesis with appropriate requirements and deadlines.

Use-cases of Blockchain POC Development


If you are into the fintech sector, you can expand your business with new ideologies to make lucrative deals. There is a wide range of next-gen business opportunities such as P2P lending & trading, staking, yield farming, prediction trends, crowdfunding, and other brainstorming ideas.


Healthcare is a promising sector of all times, and the opportunities for incorporating tech features are enormous. You can explore the areas such as resource sharing, drug supply chain, DNA sequencing, prescription, or diagnostic reports sharing applications by approaching the blockchain POC development companies!


Insurance enterprises have a lot to work on automation and legitimacy. They can test the feasibility of automation of claims management, settlements, premium payments, digital identity verification, and much more by building an MVP of the ideology from a POC development company.

Identity Management

Managing the user base’s identities is a hectic task in industries such as fintech, insurance, education, and healthcare. Businesses can explore new ideas and build the prototype of the application to verify the identity documents, refugee or fraudulent tracking, education & separation of communities.


IoT applications are entering every sector in various use cases. The enterprises, manufacturing units, and other industries can explore the feasibilities of incorporating IoT solutions by performing the POC development of ideologies such as smart processes, asset management, waste management, and much more.

Supply chain

Supply chain is an essential and undeniable part of many industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare. These industries can build the MVP or prototype of incorporating blockchain solutions in end-to-end product tracking, quality inspection, payment processing, and much more.

Benefits of POC development

Benefits Of POC Development
  • Prevents Financial Losses

    POC analysis before the implementation of a project or business ideology can avoid the investment loss in trials to a greater extent.
  • Eases Budgeting

    Developing the proof-of-concept product helps you in grabbing the rough insights on capital investment, operational costs, and other financial stuff for the project.
  • Choosing Tech Stack

    The prototype of the project can help developers and the team to decide on the backend and frontend technologies to work on prerequisites before the development phase.
  • Clear & Consensus Goals

    With a POC model, the development team and stakeholders will have consensus knowledge on the ideology without any deviation or disputes.
  • Exploration of Risks

    Appropriate POC analysis can help you foresee the upcoming risks in the real-time project implementation and find solutions to these problems.
  • Grabs Investors

    Project prototypes can enhance the trust of the business ideology among investors and help you ease the job of capital fundraising campaigns.

How POC Development Improves Business Processes?

Freezing Requirements

Freezing Requirements

Developing the proof-of-concept and working with that prototype as a business model freezes the requirements and avoids disputes in upgrades or functionalities.

Consensus Understanding

Consensus Understanding

With an exact replica of project ideology, the development team, investors, and other community members can have an easy and appropriate understanding of the goal.

Bounty Programs

Bounty Programs

If you are planning for community help on potential risks and advanced features with community experts, the prototype can be leveraged to share the ideology.

Community Feedback

Community Feedback

The prototype establishment among the community members can help you seek valuable feedback on areas of improvisation and real-time glitches on similar projects.

Audit & Fixes

Audit & Fixes

Proof-of-concept can help you investigate the technical glitches on small-scale investment and resolve them in real-time applications.

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We constantly strive to support businesses with blockchain solutions and help them unveil their true potential.

Let’s build the Proof-of-Concept for your project!


If your ideology is resolving any of the current inefficiencies or it would ease life by solving any problem, draft it and approach us!

Requisite Gathering

Our team collects all the ideas from the client and drafts them as a thesis. We get approval from the client on requirements to kick-start the next phase.

Research & Analysis

We investigate the market replica and the tech stack for developing the proof-of-concept for your project and give you the report with the best suggestions.

Ideation & Blueprint

On finalizing the ideology for the project, we discuss the project plan and offer the clients a blueprint template of the POC development.

Endorsing Prototype

We build a prototype of the project model that mimics the real-time application. On clear ideation and approval of the prototype, our team heads to the POC product.

Developing MVP

For your POC, we then build the minimum-viable-product(MVP) with basic functionalities and features that can be scaled up into a real-time application.

Development & Design

We are now kick-starting the real phase of reforming your proof-of-concept to launch it as a real-time application with appropriate frontend and backend technologies.

Testing & Integration

Our quality assurance engineers perform the regression testing of the MVP and fix the bugs in security, functionalities, and other features to deliver a flawless product.


You can now grab the MVP of your proof-of-concept and establish it to your community audience and stakeholders!

Frequently Asked Questions

To get a straight answer, there is no specific timeframe! Depending on your project requirements, ideologies, the timeline for the POC development process varies. Hence, if you are in thirst for kick-starting a new venture, tap the Blockchain Firm doors and consult with us!

A prototype is the primary functional application with a basic design and codebase to test within the team and stakeholders. MVP(Minimum viable product) is an entirely functional application with basic features and functionalities that is ready to launch among the community audience for further enhancements and suggestions.

The sole purpose of a smart contract is to automate repetitive tasks with predefined conditions. If you plan to automate your business process with blockchain features, then incorporating smart contracts for this purpose would be the ideal solution. The smart contracts perform the tasks without any disputes based on the predefined terms and conditions.

Yes! We do render POC development services on various popular technologies. You can approach us with different ideologies and tech stack requirements for POC development other than blockchain and crypto technologies.

Blockchain is a novice technology even though it’s been around a decade since the inception of cryptocurrencies. The potential of blockchain is being unearthed in recent days by technologists. There are no accurate project models or financial budgeting, or process flow for blockchain-based projects. Hence, it’s a wiser choice to “look before you leap” your heads into the potential blockchain projects. This can avoid financial losses, security breaches, and hurdles in the real-time project phases.

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