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Smart Contract Audit Services

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by keen inspection of smart contract computer protocols!

Smart Contract Security Audit Company

Parity freeze, The DAO, CoinDash, and many more hacks are occurring due to improper inspection of smart contracts codes. These hacks have resulted in millions of theft that could never be recovered in this anonymous digital world. Even though some of the giants recover the stolen cryptos, the community loses their hope on the brands. Hence, you must reach out to the professional smart contract audit services to launch flawless digital deals!

Blockchain Firm is the best smart contract audit company that possesses a team of blockchain developers, examiners who can spy every nook & corner for bugs in smart contract codes and resolve them. Rectifying the bugs is easier, but fixing the entire smart contract with zero vulnerabilities and perfect functionality is our professional touch. You can pat our representative all the time to seek expert advice!

Blockchain Protocol Audit Services
Blockchain Protocol Audit Services

Our Blockchain Protocol Audit services include smart contracts and other blockchain applications. We can take up your burden of inspecting the codes line by line to avoid future theft events in your digital transformation.

Wallet, DApps Audit Services
Wallet, DApps Audit Services

Crypto wallets have been upgraded to multi-crypto wallets that can have precious cryptos at a single authority. DApps are deployed on the entire blockchain network, that can never be altered. Hence, examining both of the smart contract application becomes your boon that saves trillions..

Crowdfunding Token Audit Services
Crowdfunding Token Audit Services

ICO, IEO token sale, circulates the upcoming crypto coupons to the early potential investors who trust the owners blindly. You must never make them depressed with thefts. Get your professional, smart contract inspection done at Blockchain Firm!

Benefits of Implementing Smart Contracts for Industries

Smart audit benifits
  • Automated

    Smart contracts are self-operating, thereby reducing human efforts, interventions, and fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Consensus Mechanism

    Partners of the smart contract agree to the particular deal with a consensus decision, hence if the agreement is finalized, it’s frozen and then deployed in an immutable environ.
  • Accurate

    Fundamental decisions are also detailed in smart contracts, thereby avoiding conflicts between the parties involved in agreements.
  • Secure

    The smart contracts are developed on the blockchain platform, and hence it avoids the single point of failure and tampering.
  • Trustless

    Automated smart contracts are decentralized and immutable. Hence, none of the parties involved in the deal can alter the code without the permission of others.

What do we offer?

Smart contract audits are unique in their own ways. Find out how.



The Smart contracts eradicate the need for middlemen regarding enforcement. They automatically execute the contracts without having to worry about the legal requirements.



The smart contracts respond immediately to the parties. This procedure saves time and money compared to the traditional methods.


Unrivalled security

The smart contracts can never be manipulated and is digitally very very safe. It’s less time consuming and does not involve third parties.

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Our Smart Contract Audit Services

We at Blockchain Firm, follow the stringent smart contract audit checklist that can never be skipped by any blockchain professional. Here’re the milestones that we cross on our smart contract audit process!

Coding Spec

Coding Spec

Our team of smart contract examiners, peep through the compiler version, constructor issue, return & event standards, fake recharge issue during this stage of the audit.

Design Defect

Design Defect

We look for the conditional competition errors in approve function during the inspection of the design defect. In addition, we also take care of the loop dos and security issue in this phase of the smart contract review.

Coding Security

Coding Security

In coding security, we spy upon the overflow errors on arithmetic and coin destroy areas. Our examiners also seek reentrancy vulnerability, call injection, permission control, and replay attack bugs at this point.

Coding Design

Coding Design

Address initialization, judgment function, balance judgment, transfer function, external call design, error handling, weak random number, variable coverage vulnerability are the areas we cover-up in this level of smart contract inspection!

Code Hidden Vulnerabilities

Code Hidden Vulnerabilities

We handle grammatical property, data privacy & reliability, gas consumption & optimization, contract users, fallback function, owner & user access, record logs, race condition, uninitialized storage pointer are the key aspects covered in the final stage of auditing service!

Audit Reports

Audit Reports

Our team handovers the entire smart contract audit report that must be resolved by the client to avoid millions of theft. We can also fix the bugs for your welfare with expert knowledge!

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