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Smart Contract Security Audit Services

We are one of the best blockchain & ethereum smart contract security audit company to provide secure, private, and competitive solutions with blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Security Audit Company

Smart contact audits are necessary for the approval of tokens on the exchanges. With this feature, it’s extremely simple and easy to make transactions, agreements, trades and more. Smart contract Audit services include a complete inspection of the smart contract and providing with a detailed and constructive feedback.

We at Blockchain Firm are the masterminds behind building efficient services round the clock and can be the perfect Smart Contract Audit company you are looking for . We audit smart contracts that sustains the working of the back end system.

What do we offer?

Smart contract audits are unique in their own ways. Find out how.


The Smart contracts eradicate the need for middlemen regarding enforcement. They automatically execute the contracts without having to worry about the legal requirements.


The smart contracts respond immediately to the parties. This procedure saves time and money compared to the traditional methods.

Unrivalled security

The smart contracts can never be manipulated and is digitally very very safe. It’s less time consuming and does not involve third parties.

What are the Services involved in our Smart contact Audit?

Security Monitoring

We test the smart contracts to ensure the absence of any security flaws.

ICO smart contract audit

We take care of the ICO to make sure the hard cap, soft cap is proper and stays even after the token sale has started.

Security Audit

We enable high security features for the smart contract audits.

Who needs the smart contract audits?

Smart contract audits are very much needed for all the businesses, however, for the following businesses it’s a must.

  • Owners of ICO startups
  • Product owners of decentralized applications.
  • Individuals who need the trust of stakeholders and investors.
  • And most importantly if you run a business.

The Perfect Blockchain Firm For your Blockchain Solution

Take a step forward and have a peek at our mind-blowing solutions for your enterprise.

What are our Security Features?

Security Scanner

Our security patterns extensively looks out for vulnerabilities in the smart contract audits.


The smart contracts are certified using the symbolic verifier. This is based on a functional specification.


Formulates the behaviour and specifications of the smart contract audit.

Security Report

Tests and produces security reports on which the working of smart contracts is based.


We have answered the basic questions, should you have specific ones, you’re welcome to call us anytime!

The audit timing depends upon a number of attributes like complexity of codes, availability of the auditor etc. The duration usually ranges from a week to few months.

All the codes are reviewed or developed based on the necessity and availability.

Yes, we give out only private reports.

With us, the costing is always minimal. We are a passionate bunch of experts who’d be willing to go the extra mile for blockchains!

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