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Our expertise in ICO Software development is uncanny. We provide tailored solutions for the launch of your ICO. Our customary approach to the design makes your business one of a kind.

Ready made ICO Dashboard script

Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is the process of raising funds using cryptocurrencies. This is one of the most sought after economical model for startups to raise funds for their projects. The process involves issuing of crypto tokens which in turn can be exchanged for fiat currencies or other crypto coins.

ICO dashboard is a platform that is used to launch an ICO. The Platform will enable the sellers and buyers have a track over the crypto tokens. ICO dashboard platform eases the entire ICO process and ensures that both the businesses and the investors stay update to date with the happenings.

Why Choose ICO Dashboard Software from Us?

ICO launching platform of Blockchain Firm comes bundled with our exclusive list of services.

  • From launching your ICO to distributing coins, our intuitive ways of dealing with it make us a unique choice.
  • Our advanced software solutions automate processes in different kinds of models that we build to promote your business.
  • You will be able to track the progress through the ICO dashboard. All in one place.
  • We conduct pre-ICO, ICO and crowdfunding campaigns at minimal rates.
  • Periodic development support and updation of the product will be provided after the deployment
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ICO Dashboard Development Road Map

We are devoted to providing you with nothing but the best. Our comprehensive infrastructure makes it easier for your business to thrive. The process includes ideation, token creation, ICO dashboard and so on.

Token creation

We attentively design and develop the tokens to prepare for the launch of your ICO.

Writing the Whitepaper

Our group of experts brainstorm to carefully put in details into the whitepaper. The whitepaper will act as the base for the launch of the ICO.

Website creation

This step is as crucial as the rest. We build elegant website for your business and let people know that you’re in the market.

Wallet setup

We build reliable multi currency wallets to hold all the cryptocurrencies under one roof.

Coin Drop

Our professionals make it a point to make these coins reach the customers authentically.

Features Of ICO Dashboard

The exclusive features enable us to give away nothing but the best for our customers.


The platform we build supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as ETH, Ripple, Litecoin etc. It also accepts wire transfers and WEX exchanges.

Varied languages

It’s an amusement to all the investors since the platform supports different languages from throughout the world.

Maximum Security

The platform is extremely secure and there are no chances of breaching.

2FA - 2 factor authentication

We strictly follow this in order to avoid theft of information.

User Friendly

The ICO dashboard is user friendly in order to elevate the investment experience.

Referral Program

This is an interesting feature of the whole lot. The idea is to give away rewards for bringing in more investors for the ICO.

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ICO is a fundraising event where the company associated creates and sells tokens in exchange for fiat currency from the public.

The costs are varied through different processes. Issuing tokens, legal requirements etc.

Yes, we take care of all the procedures including raising money for your ICO.

We work across numerous industries and are not bound to any specific ones.

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