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What Is A Crypto Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange software is a trading platform that facilitates crypto trading. Depending on the features integrated and the users it has, an exchange platform offers diverse services. It allows one to buy & sell crypto coins and exchange one crypto for another. The prices of cryptos differs on each exchange and they’re determined by many factors, including the coin flow and traders’ actions.

Why Develop Your Own Crypto Exchange?

Crypto exchange is a highly booming business right now. Many countries have removed the ban on cryptocurrencies and so starting a exchange platform on your own in such countries would serve you better. Besides facilitating the trading of multiple currencies, you will also create the opportunity to rake in huge profits at a faster pace.

With the number of crypto users increasing each passing day, there are only a few popular exchanges that serve all the requirements from the users-end. Think of that, many new users across the globe all still in the hunt for a good exchange platform with reduced risks. So if you’re wondering is it good to establish a crypto exchange platform now, you’re just delaying a lucrative opportunity.

Features Of A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Besides aiding you with the tools required to build an exchange platform from scratch, we have also listed the top features that are essential for the software to run effectively, thereby serving all the requirements.

High TPS

Manage Assets

All your cryptos and tokens under one roof. A reliable crypto exchange platform offers you an infinite number of transactions and a portfolio to manage all your coins.

Dynamic Trade Engine

API Keys Integration

Generate your own API keys that are essential for exchange platforms dealing with diverse cryptos. APIs help you deal with fault-tolerance with enhanced performance.

Digi Wallet

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

There are 4000+ cryptocurrencies today. You can’t buy a wallet for each currency. There comes the multi-currency wallets, which help you store multiple cryptos and tokens.

Multi-level Security

Live Admin Dashboard

Every exchange should have an efficient, real-time admin panel to monitor all operations, processes, and make instant changes on the platform whenever necessary.

Building Markets

Refer & Earn Policy

An exchange is no good if it doesn’t reward its users. Deploying an Invite & Earn scheme is a good option to reward existing & new customers with bonuses and discounts.

API to Foreign Exchange

Trade Matching Engine

A reliable exchange will have an effective Matching Engine that aids traders with signals and profitable buy and sell orders, powered by profitable algorithms.


Payment Gateway

Integrating a dynamic payment gateway that allows traders to deposit and withdraw funds through Credit and Debit cards, UPIs, and account-account transfers.

Trading Limit


A good crypto exchange platform has users from all over the world. To serve all of them, it should support all the common global languages; a user-friendly approach.


Leverage Trading

To support low-budget traders, the exchange should lend funds to them (leverage) for trading activities and recollect the principal amount along with a commission.

Trading Limit

KYC/AML Integration

KYC has been made mandatory by all the governments. The exchange platform should not compromise on user identity verification to avoid scams and security threats.

Our Advanced Security Protocols

We never compromise on the security aspects, hence we offer all the multi-level security and privacy functions for both the exchange and the users.

Brand it as yours

Two-Factor Authentication

Ready to launch

HTTP Authentication

Low development cost

Denial of Cross-Site Requests

Easy to install

Denial of Server-Side Requests

Fully customized

Jail Login & Forgery Protection

Intuitive User Interface

Encrypted Data Protection

Brand it as yours

Anti-Denial of Services

Ready to launch

Anti-Distributed DOS

Low development cost

HTTP PP Protection

Easy to install

Escrow Wallet System

Fully customized

Multi-Signature Crypto Wallets

Intuitive User Interface

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Types Of Exchange Development

Advanced Trading Tools

Bitcoin Exchange

An exchange platform designed specifically to handle bitcoins. We keenly understand your requirements and help you build a one-page platform with top-notch features.

Innovative projects

Centralized Exchange

We are eager to aid you in developing a reliable & scalable crypto exchange software backed by the centralized servers that offer dynamic crypto exchange services.


Decentralized Exchange

We recommend this one! Our developers assist you in building a decentralized crypto exchange platform that operates on a P2P basis, thus eliminating intermediaries.

Our Exchange Platform Modules


Client App Dashboard

  • Crypto Trading
  • Monitor Price Fluctuations
  • View Account Balance
  • Review & Modify Orders
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Order History
  • Audit Real-Time trading costs

Admin Control

  • Transaction History & User Accounts Control
  • Real-time Exchange & Transactions Monitoring
  • User Info and Status of User KYC
  • Details of Sender & Receiver

Order Book

  • Displays Admin’s pending transactions authorization
  • Reveals the cryptos’ balances at a certain point
  • Demonstrates bidding & crypto node balance
  • Displays all the details of the beneficiaries

Our 24/7 Support Includes

  • Maintaining the exchange round-the-clock
  • Backing up at regular intervals
  • Timely Upgrades & Patchworks
  • Fixing bugs, errors, and issues

Services Under Our Exchange Development

Crypto Wallet Development

Multi-cryptocurrency wallets help individuals in storing and transferring their cryptocurrencies. They store the user’s funds in the form of transaction records linked to a blockchain, accessed only using unique private keys. We develop a reliable and effective crypto wallet, and integrate it with the exchange. It provides access to funds, ensures data security, and manages all the assets, including crypto tokens effectively.

Crypto Coin Development

An exchange platform is no good without its own cryptocurrency. Our strategic, innovative, and state-of-the-art crypto coin development services boost the platform’s growth. Right from ideation to real-world implementation and marketing, our team assists you in all phases of the development cycle. We’re ready to assist you with the creation of any kind of altcoin or token, including security tokens and utility tokens.

Trading Tools Development

Crypto trading is the hot talk all around the world. Trading on popular and reliable exchange platforms is gaining a lot of attention among crypto investors. An exchange should have all the advanced trading tools that offer simple and lucrative trading opportunities for all classes of traders. We integrate all essential tools into the exchange to enable faster transaction processing, provide accurate info, and chart representations.

Initial Exchange Offering

We even cover the hardest part for you. Yes! We do offer trending, world class IEO launchpad for your exchange.

Our IEO Map

Create Tokens


Investor Dashboard



Admin Panel

Why Choose Blockchain Firm?

Blockchain Firm is one of the leading crypto exchange development companies, offering exchange development services from scratch. We have a professional team of developers, security engineers, designers, and marketers who can deliver your cryptocurrency exchange software with zero flaws. We give attention to all your details, strategize an outline, and build a successful exchange software, all at a minimal cost.

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