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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

We build or customize our white label cryptocurrency exchange software, to launch your own crypto exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency exchanges are digitized online portals through which a user can trade a digital asset for another, depending on the asset’s retail value. Make sure not to confuse crypto exchanges for cryptocurrency wallets or wallet brokerages. Crypto wallets aid you in buying and selling fewer digital assets, and later you can send them to another exchange to trade various digital assets. So, to invest in altcoins and expand your trade to the next level, the cryptocurrency exchange is the answer. All you have to do is set up an exchange account on a crypto platform, transfer coins from your crypto wallet, and start trading. Some crypto exchanges allow trading your cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, while a few exchanges don’t permit this factor.

Blockchain Firm is a globalized dynamic Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, assisting the clients with the finest services in the market. Being one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency exchange software development, we also offer instant whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange platform, scalable according to the customer’s requirements, and simultaneously ensuring that the vital factors such as flexibility, transparency, security, controllability, and accuracy are met. We also have cybersecurity experts to protect your assets in the most efficient way possible.

Advantages of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Go through the exclusive list of advantages which will give you a clearer picture.

Security Standards

We have implemented advanced security strategies that include hosting protection and online fund ratio maintenance to make the platform impenetrable.

Know the Hush-Hush

Start following leading traders and it automatically mirrors on your account. You’ll be notified with the trade secrets of the participants you follow.

Peer-peer lending

You don’t have to trade always to gain profits. There is also an option for you to lend funds to other users and earn income passively.

Trading Beacon

Review the daily generated trading signals & news and make use of it when it comes to decision making while you’re trading.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Bitcoin Exchange Development

We add value to your business by making you achieve your goals with our legitimate & secure Bitcoin exchange development services. Our developers keenly design the exchange platform and make the product experience hassle-free.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

We provide you with a scalable & customized White label cryptocurrency exchange, formulated by a powerful trading engine, multi-level security, high TPS, and liquidity, so you provide your customers with a dynamic trading portal.

Centralized Crypto Exchange

Our crypto exchange development services incorporate higher security standards, design, reliability, and scalability on to a single platform, with which you can offer a persuasive centralized cryptocurrency exchange to your active customers.

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

We offer reliable and scalable Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange services making room for a decentralized trading platform that provides a safe, bilateral, convenient, flexible, and spontaneous trading environment for end users.

First-Grade Exchange Platform

We provide cryptocurrency exchange development services that pave the way for you to benefit from the most demanded features of the exchange. Our crypto exchange developers will guide you in positioning your exchange at the top.

Decentralized Exchange Platform

Decentralization has two main factors - Privacy & Security. Our idea of combining together decentralization and experience resulted in the development of a trustworthy exchange platform with one-hundred percent security & privacy.

What are the services involved in our
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development?

Advanced Trading Tools

Access the latest and advanced tools on the platform. Put the technical indicators to use to improvise on the trading strategies.

Innovative projects

We welcome ideas and creativity from around. Our developers are talented to make any idea a reality.


We take care of legalities and work toward incorporating the exchange in different countries.

Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

High TPS (Transactions per second)

A reliable exchange platform should have high TPS without lagging. Keeping this in mind, we designed our white label cryptocurrency exchange platform with a high TPS; processing up to 8000 transactions per second.

Dynamic Trade Engine

Our efficient trade system pairs buy & sell orders within a fraction of seconds and that too with reduced latency. We have embedded inbuilt order types for a market order, limit order, and stop order.

Digi Wallet

Our cryptocurrency exchange development platform includes industry-approved multi-currency crypto wallets that allow you to securely store and transact a wide range of digital currencies quickly & smoothly.

Multi-level Security

To provide enhanced login security, encrypted user access, and automatic fund withdrawal limits, we have embedded higher security standards such as SSL implementation and email & Google authentication.

Building Markets

When you get stuck in hard times, say a buyer couldn’t find an apt seller, our well-structured & optimized trading engine for the market comes as a solution. It doesn’t allow delays and improves the trading experience.

API to Foreign Exchange

Connecting an API to an external provider is the best possible way to achieve liquidity without haze. The exchange provider links with the foreign exchange through a business account, while not compromising on liquidity.


Know Your Customer is a method adopted to know the identification of the users and Anti-Money Laundering is a measure to prevent fraudulent activities. Both the security systems feature in our crypto exchange platform.

Trading Limit

Crypto traders who have selected amount of crypto resources will have the option of margin trading. Our exchange platform’s dashboard allows you to select the tool you wish to trade, set leverage, and place & cancel orders.

Multi-linguistic Platform

In order to enhance the global reach of your crypto exchange, we have customized the exchange platform to support almost all languages globally and the platform’s user interface and user experience are the best in the market.

Admin Forum

Our entire crypto exchange platform is equipped with a dynamic and secure Admin Forum to take care of the platform end-to-end, along with smooth & sleek design for organizing the processes like user approval & Escrow.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service

We offer ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange trading platform that can be altered to suit your needs. The platform can be an integral aspect of your business.

  • Customization - an important factor

    We offer you innovative exchange platform designs, customizable as per your requirements. Also, you can select one from our readymade themes.

  • Multilingual Support - in-demand feature

    Our exchange platforms support almost all languages worldwide and if you don’t see your language, we can customize the platform in your language.

  • Two-Factor Authentication - more security

    We deploy Two-factor authentication, a higher level of security, in the exchange platform and so insecure transactions are no longer a worry.

  • Native Application - Conveniency

    Whether it be Android OS, iOS, or the Web, we have designed the cryptocurrency exchange platform to be compatible with all the stands.

  • Support - 24/7

    Our support team is always ready to respond to you and makes sure that your exchange platform is updated with the latest version.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Modules


Client App Dashboard

  • Trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Observe the crypto assets' pricing on the exchange
  • View the balance of all crypto & fiat currencies
  • Review open orders
  • Daily & weekly order history
  • Audit real-time crypto trading costs

Admin Control

  • Displays transaction history, user accounts, & data rich dashboard
  • A real-time look at the exchange & crypto transactions
  • Shows user info & status of user documents
  • Displays transaction ID & description, time period, value, and details of sender & receiver

Order Book

  • Displays Admin’s pending authorization for the transactions
  • Reveals the cryptocurrencies balance at a certain point
  • Demonstrates an overview of the cryptocurrency node balance, bid table & ask table comprising the bid ID, amount & quantity
  • Displays info like name, email ID, phone, & bank details of the beneficiary

Our 24/7 Support Includes

  • Maintaining the infrastructure
  • Backing the production
  • Timely upgrades
  • Security fixes

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How it Works?

We intensify the security features for a positive output.

Offer in the orderbook

When you wish to buy a cryptocurrency, look for it in the book or you could also create your own.

Creating Liquidity

In order to excel in this field, we need to create high liquidity in the exchanges. This will attract investors and allow them to decide on the cryptocurrencies.

High grade security

Before we start off with the other operations, we make sure all the details and funds are kept safe.

Listing of Coins/tokens

After all the security check and other checks, the coins and tokens are listed on the Exchanges.

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