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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

We build or customize our cryptocurrency exchange software, to launch your own crypto exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange is the trading platform that enables users to purchase and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, exchange the crypto coins for fiat currencies, and vice versa. If you’re fond of launching your own crypto business, then you can consult the professional cryptocurrency exchange development services to proceed. You can grab the price quote for the development and marketing process from them!

Some of the blockchain technologists are experimenting with their ideologies by purchasing the best white-label cryptocurrency exchange software. However, if you’re busy with your schedule approaching a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange software development company is an excellent choice to fetch end-to-end legal, technical, and marketing aspects for your crypto exchange business. Blockchain Firm has a dynamic team of developers, security engineers, designers, and marketers who can deliver your cryptocurrency exchange software with zero flaws!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

You can launch your desired feature-packed crypto exchange platform with our solutions and serve the crypto community with enhanced security and privacy features. Here’s the list of services we afford in the crypto exchange development realm!

Smart contract

Our team incorporates a secured smart contract trading feature in the crypto exchanges on top of the appropriate blockchain platform.

Token representation

We render the liquidity of physical assets by developing valuable tokens and stable coins on the blockchain network.

Global investment

Our crypto exchange platforms shatter the restrictions incurred on purchasing assets based on geological locations.

Shared ownership

We cater to share the liquidity of assets through distributed ownership by building crypto tokens.

Economy trading

We build crypto exchanges that are economical by reducing the intermediaries involved in the trading process.

Blockchain platform stack

Our exchanges pave the way for shared ownership, globalized investment, and shares on various secured blockchain platforms.

Boon of
cryptocurrency exchange platform development

The list would go on if we were to mention every single advantage of our cryptocurrency exchange development platform. We have hand-picked just a few to not overwhelm you.

Security Standards

Security Standards

We have implemented advanced security strategies that include hosting protection and online fund ratio maintenance to make the platform impenetrable.

Know The Hush-Hush

Know The Hush-Hush

Know the secrets from leading traders and implement them in yours. Learn the tricks every day and watch your account be bombarded with many cryptos.

Peer-peer lending

Peer-peer lending

If you are not too sure about trading knacks, then you can opt-in for lending money to your peers. This is a passive income generating option to play safe.

Trading Beacon

Trading Beacon

Get insights into everyday trading signals & news to make the most of it. This helps you not miss the target when making a decision and to trade without a loss.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Whether you want a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange platform our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services provides it all.

Bitcoin Exchange Development

We add value to your business by making you achieve your goals with our legitimate & secure Bitcoin exchange development services. Our developers keenly design the exchange platform and make the product experience hassle-free.


White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

We provide you with a scalable & customized White label cryptocurrency exchange, formulated by a powerful trading engine, multi-level security, high TPS, and liquidity, so you provide your customers with a dynamic trading portal.

Centralized Crypto Exchange

Our crypto exchange development services incorporate higher security standards, design, reliability, and scalability on to a single platform, with which you can offer a persuasive centralized cryptocurrency exchange to your active customers.


P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

We offer reliable and scalable Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange services making room for a decentralized trading platform that provides a safe, bilateral, convenient, flexible, and spontaneous trading environment for end users.

First-Grade Exchange Platform

We provide cryptocurrency exchange development services that pave the way for you to benefit from the most demanded features of the exchange. Our crypto exchange developers will guide you in positioning your exchange at the top.


Decentralized Exchange Platform

Decentralization has two main factors - Privacy & Security. Our idea of combining together decentralization and experience resulted in the development of a trustworthy exchange platform with one-hundred percent security & privacy.

What are the services involved in our
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development?

Advanced Trading Tools

Advanced Trading Tools

Gain access to the latest and advanced tools on the platform. Put the technical indicators to good use to improvise on the trading strategies.

Innovative projects

Innovative projects

We welcome ideas and innovative strategies from anywhere around. Our developers are skilled enough to bring any of your ideas to reality.



Our cryptocurrency exchange platform abides by universal rules and regulations so as to make it an easy task to launch it anywhere around the globe.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

High TPS

Automated smart contracts workflow

Our white-label crypto exchange platforms are equipped with automated smart contract protocols. This can reduce human errors and hassles in the trading platforms.

Dynamic Trade Engine

API layer integration

Every crypto exchange platform must be integrated with other giant brands to enhance the liquidity of assets. We have built our white-label scripts with liquidity API to connect with foreign exchanges.

Digi Wallet

Vulnerability assessment

Security is the key to successful crypto exchange. Our white-label exchanges are ensured with multi-level security audits with enhanced features such as encryptions and SSL certification.

Multi-level Security

Two-factor authentication and alerts

Crypto exchanges must guarantee the security of assets to its users. We have incorporated duo-authentication and pop-up notification for every crypto user to ensure the security of coins in exchange wallets.

Building Markets

Easily adaptable admin console

Our white-label crypto exchange platform is built with an easily accessible admin module. Not every exchange owner is a technical expert; hence, we have ergonomically built our exchange.

API to Foreign Exchange

Highly scalable modular architecture

White-label crypto exchange scripts are preferred for its scalability. Our team has built an exchange platform with advanced features and functionalities. Still, if you want, you can scale it up!


Decentralized storage

Our cryptocurrency exchanges record the data in a decentralized network. Hence, the data is preserved from physical damages, single-point failure, or security breaches.

Trading Limit

Efficient support system

Blockchain Firm has built the white-label exchange platform with an extensive consumer support system equipped with artificial intelligence. This enhances your user base!

Aid of White Label
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Brand it as yoursBrand it as yours

Ready to launchReady to launch

Low development costLow development cost

Easy to installEasy to install

Fully customizedFully customized

Intuitive User InterfaceIntuitive User Interface

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service
  • Customization - an important factor

    We offer you innovative exchange platform designs, customizable as per your requirements. Also, you can select one from our readymade themes.

  • Multilingual Support - in-demand feature

    Our exchange platforms support almost all languages worldwide and if you don’t see your language, we can customize the platform in your language.

  • Two-Factor Authentication - more security

    We deploy Two-factor authentication, a higher level of security, in the exchange platform and so insecure transactions are no longer a worry.

  • Native Application - Conveniency

    Whether it be Android OS, iOS, or the Web, we have designed the cryptocurrency exchange platform to be compatible with all the stands.

  • Support - 24/7

    Our support team is always ready to respond to you and makes sure that your exchange platform is updated with the latest version.

Our Cryptocurrency
Exchange Software Development Modules


Client App Dashboard

  • Trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Observe the crypto assets' pricing on the exchange
  • View the balance of all crypto & fiat currencies
  • Review open orders
  • Daily & weekly order history
  • Audit real-time crypto trading costs

Admin Control

  • Displays transaction history, user accounts, & data rich dashboard
  • A real-time look at the exchange & crypto transactions
  • Shows user info & status of user documents
  • Displays transaction ID & description, time period, value, and details of sender & receiver

Order Book

  • Displays Admin’s pending authorization for the transactions
  • Reveals the cryptocurrencies balance at a certain point
  • Demonstrates an overview of the cryptocurrency node balance, bid table & ask table comprising the bid ID, amount & quantity
  • Displays info like name, email ID, phone, & bank details of the beneficiary

Our 24/7 Support Includes

  • Maintaining the infrastructure
  • Backing the production
  • Timely upgrades
  • Security fixes

Prime Cryptos Supported in Our Exchange

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Launch your own
cryptocurrency exchange platform

Legal advice and crowdfunding

Not all countries accept crypto business platforms. Hence, you must cross-check the legal advice and then start raising capital funds for your business!

Tie up with tech partner

Find the best cryptocurrency exchange software development company and discuss with them the requisite functionalities, features, and budget!

Liquidity and Payment gateways integration

The aspirant feature of exchange lies in rendering liquidity of crypto assets to their user base. Connect with the giant crypto community to afford the best liquidity of assets to your community members!

Testing and Bug Fixing

Cryptocurrency exchanges are highly valuable as it holds the assets of multiple crypto users in the single roof. Your exchange platform must be engineered with the best security architect with no hacker holes!

Outreach and Customer care

You can find a number of exchanges in the crypto space, but you grab only the names of popular platforms. Your cryptocurrency exchange must be outreached in an innovative way to increase sales figures!


A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a channel that allows its users to buy/sell distinct crypto coins to make profitable deals. The users can buy crypto coins in exchange for fiat money and vice versa. Every crypto owner would have come across the exchange platform at least once in a lifetime!

The cryptocurrency exchange development cost varies depending on the requisite features, functionalities, backups, support systems, servers, and the development process. You can consult with the blockchain professionals and get a quote for the cryptocurrency exchange development.

You can find a number of expertise crypto exchange development services in India. You can even hire individual blockchain developers to build your cryptocurrency exchanges. However, hiring a professional team of developers can build a better exchange than an individual. At Blockchain Firm, we build the blocks of crypto exchange platforms in an eminent way right from scratch!

Please note - These are only for complicated transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchange can be started in just a few appropriate steps.

  • Seek legal advice and techniques for crowdfunding,
  • Decide the geo locations at which crypto exchange is to be launched,
  • Search for a tech partner delivering secured crypto exchange platform and tie-up with them,
  • Decide about the liquidity and payment gateways integration for the exchange platform,
  • Audit the exchange platform thoroughly and fix the bugs,
  • Launch the platform and render 24/7 customer support,
  • Outreach the uniqueness of the crypto exchange platform to the community audience. Spread the word!

You need a crypto trading platform undeniably to perform these operations!

  • Buy or sell cryptocurrencies,
  • Exchange crypto coins for the liquidity of assets,
  • Connect with the crypto community,
  • Trading on active coin pairs,
  • Atomic swapping, and much more!

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