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Blockchain Technology entrust the patients with the record of their medical history.

Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector is humongous and spread across the globe. It involves patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance firms, and supply chain. Until now, there is no well-structured method to connect various components of the healthcare industry. To eradicate this problem and provide an effective system, blockchain has been put into use. Blockchain is capable of transforming healthcare facilities with patients as the central line. Unifying blockchain technology in healthcare optimizes medical information, thus increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability. It also helps to deploy an innovative model for exchanging health data by bringing together electronic medical records in an efficient and secure manner. This Distributed Ledger Technology also plans to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, including drug identification and infrastructure setup.

Blockchain Firm holds a responsible team of developers who work hard day-night to optimize blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry. Our primary goal is to connect global patients, practitioners, insurance providers, pharmacies, and laboratories on the whole. The outcome will be a reliable and powerful system that’ll be capable of interlinking the entire medical supply chain. Our team of blockchain development experts will guide you with intelligent, safe, accurate, and user-friendly solutions to develop, organize, and execute a true-blue healthcare ecosystem.

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare Data Management

With the advancement in the collection of electronic health-related information, cloud storage of healthcare data & patient-data privacy protection measures, new opportunities are coming forward for effective health data management. Patients can now share their medical information hassle-free.

Maintaining a standard healthcare data system involves regulating backup storage services, having customized recovery mechanisms, and assuring up-to-date fields. Blockchain stores the data in a distributed network of systems. There is no openings for a single point of failure that leads to the inherent backup mechanism.

Electronic Medical Records

Blockchain technology can be implemented in the Electronic Medical Record Management & Personal Health Record Management.

Patient-Doctor Connectivity

Blockchain tech sets up standard communication between patients & doctors, thus eliminating the need for sharing the details every time.

Secure Healthcare Setup

Blockchain aids to eliminate ransom attacks as well as other recurring issues such as corruption of data and hardware failure.

Healthcare Supply Chain

The conventional healthcare organizations are managed by a central database by a single entity. This brings point of failure to one single point. The implementation of blockchain technology prevents issues & defects in the internal structure of an organization and also saves the entities from external threats and attacks.

Blockchain paves the way for tracking a product’s movement right from the manufacturer to the pharmacy or hospital, and then finally to the end-users, the patients. It provides transparency on the usage and other activities of the items. Blockchain tech is capable enough of streamlining the supply chain and reducing risky profiles.

Stop Drug Counterfeiting
Stop Drug Counterfeiting

With its immutable nature, blockchain can prevent drug counterfeiting and also ensure the traceability & authenticity of medicines.

Clinical Trials & Data Security
Clinical Trials & Data Security

Researchers make use of the blockchain tech to record and enhance unbiased clinical trials and make them more transparent.

Payments through Cryptos
Payments through Cryptos

Replacing fiat-currency payments with crypto payment gateway is another advantage of integrating blockchain into healthcare.

Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain Development Services
  • Data Accuracy

    Blockchain, when incorporated with healthcare, can open the gates for secure medical records, thus enhancing the accuracy of treatment.
  • Data Interoperability

    Regardless of the location, any medicare facility can access patients’ health data with the application of blockchain technology.
  • Security

    Information stored in a secure blockchain network is immutable and this eliminates the risk of data theft or mishandling.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

    Data records in a blockchain architecture are well kept and can be easily accessed by relevant parties at any point in time.
  • Traceability

    Blockchain data cannot be altered and it leads to positive outcomes with respect to detecting counterfeit prescriptions.

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