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Next Generation
Crypto Payment Solutions in Blockchain

Expand your business across borders by integrating blockchain payment solutions

Cross-Border Crypto Payment Solutions

Cryptocurrency is the booming digital asset that shatters the border restrictions and values. Many leading brands like Amazon, Overstock, Microsoft, Namecheap, ExpressVPN, and Shopify have implemented their own crypto payment solutions to bang with border payments.

Secure, immutable, fast, and peer-to-peer transactions across the globe without any inter charges become handy on integrating our cryptocurrency payment solution into your business!

What makes us stand out from the crowd?


Blockchain Firm takes the pride of being secure with rockstone walls for its clients to perform their crypto transactions. Here’re our unique features on Cryptocurrency Payment Solution!

  • Duo-authentication process for secure login.
  • Since crypto payment shatters border payments, we shatter languages. We develop multi-lingual payment solutions for users across the globe.
  • Our crypto payment solution supports transactions of 3k+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Timed log-out of accounts to avoid security threats.
  • Easy integration of crypto payments into your existing payment platform.
  • Customization of crypto payment solution as per business needs.
  • We develop crypto payment solutions that are compatible with popular platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.
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Road Map of Our Cryptocurrency Payment solution

Make secure payments that are inexpensive. Integrate crypto payment processing gateway to your application or website and you’re set to go!

Planning & Designing

A cup of coffee with clients for their unique needs and planning to implement with our tech!

Implementation & Development

Our team of blockchain developers dives in with their professional knowledge to build a cutting-edge solution for your crypto transactions

Auditing & Upgradation

Criminals find ways to counterfeit the crypto coins. Finding possible ways to break the walls of developers. We are dedicated criminals too! :P If there are any changes to be made, our team re-works and provides end-to-end tested products!

Launching for clients

Our Client success is our benchmark. We make our customers proud and so we’re proud of flying colors!

Gains of integrating Cryptopayment solution into the business

Our in-depth features of the cross border payment gateways makes the business environment seamless.

P2P Transactions

P2P Transactions

Sending and receiving crypto coins from peer-to-peer.

No intermediate charges

No intermediate charges

Crypto payment solution allows for P2P transactions, hence there are no inter transaction charges by banks.

Across Borders

Across Borders

Cryptocurrency enables you to accept payments across the globe without any restrictions.

Fastest exchanges

Fastest exchanges

No obstacles in crypto payments as there are no intermediates.

OS compatibility

OS compatibility

Crypto payment solutions are compatible with leading Android and iOS platforms.

Verified Transactions

Verified Transactions

Blockchain tech accepts only verified crypto payments, hence you can grab hassle-free reconciliations.

Immutable Payments

Immutable Payments

Crypto transactions are recorded through blockchain tech, hence a chronological order of transactions is maintained which remains unaltered.

Impossible to counterfeit

Impossible to counterfeit

As crypto transactions are performed by the underlying blockchain tech, the transactions are impossible to counterfeit by hackers without private keys.

Easy Plug-ins to an existing platform

Easy Plug-ins to an existing platform

It’s not necessary to develop a complete crypto payment solution, instead, at early stages, the addition of crypto payment platform pays a profit.

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We verify users and transactions that are only complete, legitimate and accurate. The process is simple and establishes high level security.

Since all international payments are pre-funded and peer-peer, the owner just has to transfer the coins to the recipient without having to worry about the security.

Currently we support 100+ countries reaching over 90% bank accounts.

All kinds of businesses can use the platform to make international payments with ease.

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