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Wire transfers are no longer a predicament. We make accuracy and stealth our prime motto. Send or receive cross border payments with ease.

What is A Cryptocurrency Payment System?

Crypto Payment system is a platform for sending and receiving crypto coins. A seamless way of making transactions internationally without having to worry about the transaction fees. This software has mastered the art of intelligent routing thereby reducing the payments of international transfers and payments.

The cross border blockchain payments are fast, affordable and less fraudulent. With the awareness about cryptocurrencies growing every day, this platform will be really helpful for all the crypto enthusiasts.

Why choose our Cryptocurrency Payment System?

Our Crypto payment system can ease up the process of sending and receiving crypto coins.

  • The product will have 2 factor authentication system, making the login process secure.
  • We offer multi language support and users from amy part of the world will have the luxury of accessing the product in the language of their choice.
  • The users will have a complete control over the private keys ensuring security and transparency.
  • The payment system will support over 3000+ crypto currencies.
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Road Map of Our Cryptocurrency Payment System

Make secure payments that are inexpensive. Integrate crypto payment processing gateway to your application or website and you’re set to go!

Timeless Transactions

The blockchain technology makes it possible for the all the financial institutions to process and clear out transactions in seconds.

Stable Coins

The financial institutions agree to use a stable coin, a similar digital currency or assets to close the gap between fiat currencies.

API Plugins

Our fully developed API plugins automates processes for transactions. It can be utilised for non payment functionalities too.

Blockchain Payments

The businesses will be able to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies for a risk free transaction at minimal costs.

Features of our Crypto Payment System

Our in-depth features of the cross border payment gateways makes the business environment seamless.

Instant Confirmations

We assess risk in real time and confirm transactions instantly.

Securing with Vaults

These special accounts help in keeping your digital assets secure. You will be able to set a time frame before spending the coins.

Acceptance of Fiat currencies

We make sure businesses are able to accept payments in fiat currencies as well as crypto currencies.

Mobile platform

Our software builds android and IOS apps where the users can access their accounts.

Faster Transaction

The transfer of cryptocoins can happen instantly as the whole network is decentralised.

History of Transaction

The past transactions of an user will be accessible to them.

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We verify users and transactions that are only complete, legitimate and accurate. The process is simple and establishes high level security.

Since all international payments are pre-funded and peer-peer, the owner just has to transfer the coins to the recipient without having to worry about the security.

Currently we support 100+ countries reaching over 90% bank accounts.

All kinds of businesses can use the platform to make international payments with ease.

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